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Our Organization

​The Tennessee Council for the Social Studies is a non-profit, professional association devoted to providing information, resources, and support for all those involved in social studies education. This includes K-12 teachers, supervisors of instruction, and college professors, in the various disciplines interested in and involved in the social studies.

Meet The Team


Laura Simmons- President


Mark Finchum- Executive Director


Joshua Kenna- Past-President


David Huebner- Exhibit Coordinator


Jenny Shorten- Treasurer

Brandi Love- Secretary

Leadership Team

Board of Directors

West Tennessee

Middle Tennessee

East Tennessee

  • Brandi M. Love

  • Michael Robinson

  • Jenny Shorten

  • Chunmeka Wayne

  • James Akenson

  • Sherri Collie

  • David Huebner

  • Nicholas Knowles

  • Jeff Sellers

  • Laura Simmons

  • Linda Taylor

  • Patsy Brooks

  • ​Kurt Butefish

  • Mark Finchum 

  • Dusty Helton

  • Joshua Kenna

  • Janis Adams Kyser

  • Gordon Sisk III

  • Brian Smith

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